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My fav. characters in dragon ball z,gt.



She is the daugher of Maternal- Bulma
Briefs Paternal- Vegeta. Bra is 4 when
she starts out in the series.
then when they get into the gt series
she is 14.
Her best friend is pan.
Bra is a fun loving, shop-a-holic, teen.
She still hangs out with Pan and is
daddy's little girl. Believe it or not,
Vegeta even blushed for her! How cute is that



He is half Saiya-jin,and half earthling.
His parents are chi chi and goku.Hes a
smart guy,only because his mother makes
him study mostly all the time.
His powers are far greater then the reast
of the bdz characters.We find this out
in The Cell Games..
Son Gohan is a sweet little boy who
maintains this personality throughout DBZ.
He cant stand evil doers and is a extremely
caring person. Thats one thing Gokou or
the others havent really caught on too; Gohan
will not get or ever, get angry from his own
pain. Every time he demonstrated a great
amount of increase of hidden power is when
someone else got hurt. He also isnt mean enough
to even say no. He sacrifices his training
to help out Videl.



Mister Satan's daughter, and Gohan's
one time classmate. During Gohan's first
years in high school Videl tried in
vain to figure out who the Great Saiyaman is.
Eventually she figures out Gohan is the
Great Saiyaman and asks him to teach her
how to fly. Videl is more powerful than her
father. She fights for justice as one of
the cities great crime fighters. By the end
of the series Gohan and Videl get married
and have one child: Pan.



Trunks,is Vegita and Bulma first child.
He is different from the furture trunks.
He has a bad attitude much like his father.
Well he trys to mean well but he always get
goten and him into big trouble.
(To me I thank trunks and pan make a
really cute couple.)



Goku,His real name is Kakaroto. He discovered
that from his brother Raditz which is also the
first time he learned that he is a Saiyajin.The
one person he had inspired most throughout the
series was Vegeta. Vegeta entered the story as
as an evil individual who would find any means
necessary to satisfy his hunger for power who
was also too proud to accept defeat.



Vegeta,Even though he is evil at heart,
Vegeta is perhaps one of the most
strong-willed characters in the series.He
always has a anger look on his face.
The father of bra and trunks.
He was a prince at one time.
For awhile he was a bad guy and wanted to take
over the world,but That changed after seeing
that he could not be as strong a goku.



Pan is Gohan's and Videl's daughter.
Also Goku's, Chi-Chi's, and Satan's
Grandaughter. She's 1/4 Saiya-jin on
her father's side and 1/2 human on her
mother's side. Pan inhereted the
Saiya-jin love of fighting for things.
Pan is somewhat of a tomboy and she
hates being treated like a little kid.
She's 4 years old and appeared at the
4 last DBZ episodes just like Bra. Pan
in GT at 14 years old. She appeared at
the begining of DBGT has one of the 3
main characacters, after her grandfather
had been turned into a kid.