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Ranma Saotome,The martial art of
kempo is his life. Never one to
turn down a challenge.
Training with his father at the
mysterious Jusenkyou training
ground in China, he was thrown into
a cursed spring called Nyanniichuan,
where a young girl drowned 1500
years ago. Now when splashed with
cold water, he takes on the body of
a young girl. Fortunately for Ranma,
hot water changes him back



Akane Tendou,The youngest daughter, age 16, like Ranma. A hot-tempered boy-hating kempoist, yet admired by many boys at school. Despite their constant bickering and denials, Akane and Ranma grow to like each other (and feel jealous when the other appears more interested in another suitor), but neither can admit it.

Akane is a very bad cook at anything.
Her and Ranma are forced to be married.



Ryouga Hibiki,The eternally lost boy with fists of steel and a heart of glass. Ryouga has been Ranma's rival since junior high, when he challenged Ranma to a fight in the vacant lot behind his house. But by the time he found his way there after a four-day journey all over Japan, Ranma had gone off with his father on a training expedition.
Ryouga blames Ranma for his condition, and his anger multiplies when he finds out that Ranma is the pig-tailed girl who knocked him into the spring. Upon finding out what he had done, Ranma remorsefully swears not to reveal Ryouga's secret
Akane adopts Ryouga the pig as her pet "P-chan". Ryouga falls deeply in love with her. However, he feels certain that no one could love him as a human with his curse. Akane is unaware that the pet pig she sleeps with is Ryouga, despite several close calls, and is angry whenever Ranma abuses her pet piggy



Shampoo,A acrobatic Chinese amazon girl, champion of the Joketsuzoku, defeated in her village's annual contest by Ranma as a girl.
Is falls in love with Ranma after giving him to kiss of death,to that she know wants to marry him.
Crushed when Ranma reveals his secret curse to her, she returns to her village and renews her training at Jusenkyou with her grandmother, who knocks her into Maoniichuan ,where a cat drowned 1800 years ago. Assured that Ranma is really a man, she returns to Japan and tries to get Ranma to fall in love with her, working at her great-grandmother's Chinese restaurant Nekohanten and making deliveries on her bicycle.



Mousse,A boy blindly following his love, Shampoo, who detests him. Even with his thick bottle-lens glasses, he mistakes statues, telephone poles, and bystanders for other people.

He shows up in Japan looking for Shampoo, even though he always fails to defeat her in a fight, but Cologne tells him Shampoo is going to marry Ranma. So he challenges this
new rival for Shampoo's affections to a man-to-man fight.

When Ranma defeats him, he returns to China and seeks training at Jusenkyou {}, where he walks into Yaazuniichuan {qM}, a spring where a wild duckling drowned 1300 years ago. He returns to Japan with a supply of Yaazuniichuan water to turn Ranma into a duck, too, but fails.

Mousse hates Ranma, and would dearly like to do away with Shampoo's "husband".