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Belldandy is the first goddess who appears in the story.
Her forhead has the distinctive marking that all goddesses have and she has small triangle markings on her cheeks as well. She uses the mirror as a teleportation medium.
She is totally devoted to Keiichi,and is willing to risk anything for him to protect him from harm.

Age: 21
Height: 165cm
3 Sizes (in cm): 83 - 57 - 84
Class: 1st Class, 2nd Category, Unlimited
Domain: The Present
Alternate Source of Energy: Sleep
Angel: Holy Bell
Likes: Darjeeling Tea


Urd is the 2nd goddess that we are introduced to.Urd is Belldandy's elder half-sister,(this is because she is half demon & half goddess as her father was a demon) and in the manga and anime,she first appears to Keiichi from his television set.
Urd is Yggradasil's system maintainer,and has a love of brewing magical potions,and Keiichi is often a target for her love potions! She acts as Cupid in the series,always trying to make Bell & Keiichi closer together but mostly they end up backfired. Her forehead also has distinctive markings,in this case it resembles an upside down triangle.

Age: 24
Height: 170cm
3 Sizes (in cm): 90 - 60 - 61
Class: 2nd Class
Domain: The Past
Alternate Source of Energy: Alcoholic Beverages
Angel: World of Elegance
Likes: Sake & singing karaoke


Skuld is the third goddess to arrive from Heaven,and she is the youngest of the three sisters.
When she arrives she cames in when Keiichi in the bath,as she drops in on him.
She has a circular marking on her forehead.she likes to build all sorts of machines. Skuld is also very fond of eating ice cream,her favourite is the 131 Ice Cream brand.

Age: 12
Height: 150cm
3 Sizes (in cm): hi - mi - tsu!
Class: 2nd Class
Domain: The Future
Alternate Source of Energy: Ice Cream
Angel: Noble Scarlet
Likes: Ice Cream, building machines