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Here are some info and pics of the great
Anime show Fushigi Yuugi.

Best Friends

Miaka and Yui

Miaka and Yui started out as beening great friends,until and day that will they remember forlife.

Every thing changed in there life when they first open the book of the four gods.They both meet people that they become friends with and enemy`s to each other.

Miaka the Preistess of Suzaka.With her Seven Suzaku Worriors try to save Konan.

As for Yui she becomes Preistess of Seriyu.She also has Seven Worriors.
Alot of terrible things happen to each one of the girls.



Tamahome is one of the Seven Suzaku worrior.
He is the oldest of five children.
In his youth he was teased about his mark on his forehead.

He was the first one that Miaka meet of the seven worries.
He help Miaka and Yui out when they first came to his world.

When Tamahome meet Miaka he thought of her as a sister,but later he falls in love with her. As she does the same.
They both go through bad and good days of there life together.

Miaka and Tamahome



Nuriko the thrid Suzaku worrior.
When Nuriko was young his younger sister died.
Her death devastated him because she was to young to die.
Nuriko wanted her to live on,So in order for that to happen he dressed up like a girl.Started to act like a girl,and became a girl at heart.

He fell in love with the Emperor Of Konan,he bacame one of his lady`s in his harlem.Under his sister`s name.

Later on he fell in love with Miaka.He gave his life for Suzaku.In the mountain`s by a Seryiru worrior.
Soon after he became a spirit that could help and protect Miaka again.

Miaka and Nur.



Hotohri,The Emperor of Konan.
When he was young he heard stories about a girl who would come from another world. She would summon Suzaku,and save the Empire.
He was destined to become one of the Suzaku worriors.
When that day came Hotohri was 18 years old.From the Moment he laid eyes on her he was in love.
he pledged his love to her,and inded asked her to become his wife.

Eventually he married another women who looked like Nuriko,and in time she had a baby boy.



Chichiri, When he was 18, he was going to get
married. Unfortunately,
when one day he was going to give her a present,
he saw his best friend, Hikou, kissing her.
After that he stormed off. His fiancee,
thinking that she was no longer worthy of Chichiri,
killed herself. When he found out, he thought
that she had killed herself because she
loved Hikou. Furious, Chichiri went to fight him.
But in the fight, there was a huge flood and
Hikou fell in. Chichiri grabbed his hand, but a
log came outta nowhere and crashed in his left eye.
In the pain, Chichiri let go of Hikous hand.
His best friend fell into the water and died.
After this, he went to Taiitsukun and trained
for three years. In his training he made
himself a mask, because people found his scar